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Hogwarts Legacy

AAA third-person, open-world, action RPG based on the Harry Potter IP

Level Designer

- Created level design documentation

- Implemented enemy combat

- Used UE4 to block out and implement gameplay and to help with level composition

- With the direction of the lighting team, helped light interior spaces

*this gameplay trailer does not represent my work



Open world skating exploration game where you can become graffiti

Level Designer

Created blockout for all areas in the game, designed side quests, placed props and hidden collectibles, crafted pacing, and created gym to show and test metrics

Game Designer

Designed core game pillars, metrics, and macro and micro gameplay loops; tested and balanced gameplay metrics; conducted usability and level testing, and created surveys to test player engagement, game titles, and ideal player fantasy



Fan-made level for God of War (2018)

Level Designer

Created blockout focusing on combat, narrative, puzzle, and exploration; scripted gameplay mechanics, puzzles and cinematics; modeled all assets

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