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Hogwarts Legacy

AAA third-person, open-world, action RPG

UE4 - 20 Person Team - Not yet published

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Level Designer - Overland Team

- Created level design documentation

- Planned, blocked out, and implemented puzzle spaces, encounters, random events, and mission areas
- Supported missions team

- Helped plan major rework of a section of overland

- Planned pickup distribution
- Adjusted terrain and foliage to guide players to gameplay
- Collaborated with concept artists and environment artists to flesh out environmental stories and improve landmarks
- Blocked out major terrain changes for environment artists
- Completed first pass on overland interior spaces and iterated with lighting team
- Created and helped to maintain new level designer onboarding documentation

Enemy Spaces

- Blocked out and tested enemy encounters 

- Hosted regular playtest sessions of enemy encounters for feedback, and iterated on design
- Created roadmaps for enemy progress and development
- Created map to show current state, sizes, and relationships of enemy encounters and plan next steps forward
- Created design documentation for enemy encounters




**Work shown in these screenshots does not represent my work

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